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Strategic Planning Associates, LLC, offers a broad
array of human-resource related consulting and
advisory services.  Our experienced staff can help
you develop innovative solutions – to achieve your
business, human resource, and benefit objectives.  
As your consulting partner, we can make a world
of difference – for your organization and your people.

New Strategies for Changing Times

you need
       to act now
       should do
you can achieve
       outstanding results
Escalating costs . . .
increased competition
. . .
unrealistic expectations . . .
heightened scrutiny
. . .
These are but a few of
the critical challenges employers face today. To succeed in this environment, you must do more than simply respond to change.
  Too often, employers
jump into solutions
without first identifying
the underlying causes
and reaching consensus
on what they really need
to achieve.  The most
effective HR strategies
are those you can
frame within a business
perspective to provide
not just immediate results,
but also sustainable,
long-term impact.
  With a team of highly
skilled and specialized consultants, Strategic
Planning Associates will
help you align change
strategies with your
overall business and
human resource objectives.  Using our proven strategic-planning approach, you'll
see things in a whole
new light and take control
of change.


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